glass etching | crystal polishing | acid vapor treatment| acid water neutralization | manufacturing to customer spec
Company profile

Via Pietro Nenni, 12 SIECI-Pontassieve Firenze, Italy

TEL. 0039+55+8309215 FAX 0039+55+8309749

Established in 1968, Fibbi Elio s.r.l. produces equipment and machines in thermoplastic materials for many different industrial sectors like the glass industry, the ecological sector (waste water neutralization and acid vapors treatment), chemical, galvanic and gold works industry.
A wide range of equipment and machines is designed and developed by the company utilizing the vast experience gained in years of applications and collaborating closely with the different customers and suppliers:

  • Etching machines
  • Crystal acid polishing machines
  • Acid vapors suction and treatment systems (scrubbing towers)
  • Manual and automatic systems for waste water neutralization
The whole production is based on job orders, on specific demand it is possible to realize a personal customer-project according to space availability and production needs.
The company Technical Assistance is able to assure on site a complete support for installation, start-up and personnel training, for all the supplied equipment and machines.
Manufacturing to customer specifications is an important share of the company production. This production relates to various applications in chemical, galvanic, gold works industries and other sectors were equipment have to work in aggressive environment and were the plastic materials offer the more suitable solution. Common applications are:
  • galvanic tanks
  • laboratory hoods
  • storage tanks and vats
  • mobile packages for chemical applications
  • mixers and pumping stations
  • density measurement systems
The company great flexibility offers its customers a dynamic partnership aimed at satisfying all technical requirements and personalization requests.
Manufacturing is assured by specialized and qualified personnel, using advanced manufacturing machine and tools, like:
  • automatic cutting for pieces sectioning,
  • automatic welding machine able to perform weldings for polyfusion according to DVS2207 certified by document,
  • automatic bending machine for shaping of pieces.
Particular attention is given to the choice of first raw materials and to the choice of the components and equipment mounted on the systems, suitable to optimize the performances and to increase reliability and service life.