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Crystal acid polishing machine

The automatic polishing machine for crystal and glass objects, in "rotary drum" configuration, is suited for polishing big and heavy glass objects, such as vases, bowls and dishes, bottles and furthermore for pressed glassware, where a lot of surface material has to be taken off.
Within the rotary drum, the glass objects are loaded individually into container elements of respective size, in several ties, until the overall length is reached.
The drum is then put into the operational tank of the polishing and set rotating.
In the automatic process, polishing acid and rinsing water are alternately pumped in, until the polishing process is finished and the desired glossy surface has been obtaining.

Automatic polishing machine rotary drum model Ø 1000 mm.

Within the machine, the required liquids are delivered by pumps into the operational tank, and back again by big return valves into their respective tanks.
Therefore, the liquids are moved around, while the glassware itself remains within the operational tank.
With this machine, three different liquids are made use of.: polishing acid, process water and rinsing water.
All of these media are kept at the right temperature by heating coils, with an automatic control system.
Obviously, the polishing acid will have to be filled up again at times, and that is accomplished by means of suitable dosage vessels, provided with the required properties to allow safe handling. This operation could be also automated.
The entire polishing process runs under electronic control and can be set in such a way that the various parameters of the processed glassware can be taken into account in order to obtain an ideal polishing result.

Automatic polishing machine rotary drum model Ø 600 mm.
Rotary drum container elements


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