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Acid water neutralization system

Acid water, resulting from processes using acid washing (for example processes on glass objects), can be treated with a manual or automatic neutralization cycle, until the requested outlet level is reached. Usually, acid water is stocked in two out-of-ground tanks for accumulation and equalization. A pump draws from a tank and delivers in the other one in order to keep the waste water shacked and equalized.
From the tank mentioned above, acid water are sent to the chemical process tank by an acid resistant pump.

Automated chemical-phisical neutralization system
Inside the reaction tank a suspension of hydrated lime is proportioned by a suitable pump, under the control of a pH-meter, while a slow stirring device mixes the reagents with the waste water.
When the maximum level of the reaction tank is reached, a level probe disconnects the inlet pump and connects the outlet one, which sends the flood water to the flocculation tank. A slow stirring device undergoes a mixing action, which helps the flocking. These flocks will constitute the resulting mud.
The flood water decants within the decanter, where the mud sediments on the conical bottom, while clarified water emerges on surface.
Decanted mud are sent to a filter-press. Water resulting from the filter-press process is sent back to the system inlet, since it is still laden with sedimentable solids.
The exhaust of the decanted elements is recovered and pumped to a rapid filter with quartzite bed, where possible sedimentable solids, escaped from decantation, are held back.
After the quartzite filter, water reaches the neutralization tank, where solution neutrality is restored by dosage of sulfuric acid, under control of a pH-meter.
After the neutralization process, water can be sent to the exhaust.
An electrical box includes all the controls as well as the digital-electronic instrumentation for the equipment correct running,.
Chemical-neutralization tank
Rapid filters with quartzite bed


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