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Scrubbing towers

The use of scrubbing towers aims to prevent the diffusion in the atmosphere of noxious acid vapors coming out of processes utilizing acid substances (galvanic processes, glass etching processes, etc.).
The system is made up of a washing scrubbing tower with cylindrical section, dimensioned for the given air flow to be treated and for the corresponding air speed, inside the tower, suitable for the process.
The tower is entirely made in PP, with a bearing base acting as washing recirculating liquid tank, opportunely strengthened and supplied with needed charge and discharge connections, overflow, level, inspection door for reagents loading, recirculation pump.
The internal column is supplied with one or two PP grids sustaining Eco-rings, sprayed from above with a water rain, coming from a group of PVC nozzles, fed by a piping system in PVC.
Air containing acid vapors, after having gone through the rings in counter current with the washing water, is attacked by a water nebulization produced by the sprinkling system where vapors undergo a further washing.
After this phase, air go through the drops separator, which has to keep water particles in suspension, avoiding water dragging out of the tower.
The tower is supplied with porthole for rings loading/unloading and for nozzles maintenance, and with air inlet and outlet.
The recirculation pump, which has to recirculate the liquid within the column, is made in PP. It has vertical axis, and it is lodged in the lower part of the tower acting as tank,.
A centrifugal fan, outside the scrubbing tower, guarantees the needed suction level. The fan is made in polypropylene, its capacity and head are established in the design phase to satisfy the specific requirements.
The system could have just one tower or two towers in series, according to the characteristics of the air to be treated and to the requested emission level in the atmosphere.

Two scrubbing towers in series
Centrifugal fan
Washing liquid tank


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