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Automatic etching machine
The automatic satin frosting system for crystal and glass objects, in "Carousel" configuration, can be with 8 - 10 - 12 arms according to working needs. This equipment is specific for:
- lighting glass,
- bottles,
- glasses,
- gift and fancy products.
The versatility of the arms makes possible various type of works (arms have independent moving action) with a simple action, the arms can work with:

12 arms carousel (front view)

  • stainless steel baskets containing glass for lighting use of various dimension and/or glass for fancy goods,
  • PP presses: work with bottles and glasses that will be etched externally, saving the bottom,
  • vacuum lungs in case it should be etched externally, including the bottom.

    The use of different arms will allow to obtain a greater production, a dry product, ready for packaging.
    Automation happens through pneumatic system, meanwhile control of working phases is made by programmable logic controller (PLC).
    The main advantages of this equipment are:

  • high quality standard,
  • water economical saving due to air stirring system,
  • automatic restore of etching liquid,
  • very reduced dispersion of acid vapors in the working environment due to compactness of equipment and wide aspiration duct all around the vats.
12 arms carousel (rear view)
Pneumatic arm
Rinsing diaphragm pumps
Rinsing station
Acid station with transfer pump and mixer
Auxiliary vacuum system


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